How To Install STB Emulator

Installing STB Emu is easy by going to the Google Play Store or adding it to your cart from our application section.

Link to STB Emu on
StbEmu (Pro)

After it is installed the IPTV information will need to be entered with the steps below. 

How To Setup STB Emulator
A video is at the bottom of the page for a visual walk though and setup. 

Below is a basic setup of STB EMU and should work with most IPTV providers.

Things needed
… IPTV Service Package:
… Portal URL: this is a link the IPTV SERVICE PROVIDER will give you.
… MAC Address: This can be taken from the box and is in the format 00:1A:79:**:**:** Some boxes have it printed on them on a sticker on the underneath of the box

1… The first time it starts a box will come up click on Configure Application.

Now Click on Profiles

2… If you have configured Stb emulator before it could look like the image below. Click the menu button on the remote and click on Settings and then go to Profiles.

3… Click on Portal Settings and then Profile name

4.. Change/input the name to and click ok to save.

4… Now click on Portal URL settings (skip this step if you do not have the portal url as yet)

5… Update the portal url to url provided in “Configuring your IPTV Service” email

6… Click on Portal URL and enter the portal url for the service you have subscribed too. Portal URL is sent in an email upon order completion

7… Each IPTV service will have a unique Portal URL that needs to be entered. Enter that in here. Go back and click on STB Configuration

8… Next Select MAC address

9… Look up your unique MAC address. This should be self populated and is required in the order notes

10… At this point click out and EXIT

Reopen STB EMU which may take a few minutes to load up the new settings.
At this point it should be ready to stream videos. If not check your the portal url you have entered, check that you have provided the correct mac address and reload the portal. If Mac address has changed or is incorrect email us