31 Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2020 (No Signup Required)

Watching movies online can be a great experience if you are getting bored alone. Be it home, office, or any different place with high-speed internet, you can enjoy a movie streaming. Movie streaming provides a great pass time and also saves time by eliminating the downloading process. The only things needed are a good Internet service and a device to view the streaming. Streaming movies without any signup further save time. Streaming saves the hard disk space of the system. So, I have come up with a shortlist of Top 31 Free Movie Streaming Sites without any signup.

If you own an Android smartphone and you are fine with watching movies on the small screen, then there are many movie apps for android and iPhone available easily on the Internet but if love watching movies on larger screens along with Dolby digital music, then the best alternative for you is streaming movies online on film websites.

I have created a list of Top 31 best free movie streaming sites no sign up which can be accessed without a signup or registration. We also have more websites to watch free movies online. You can directly start watching movies.

You would require no login or password for viewing the movies. In recent times, you might have heard of various paid streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon, etc. They are quite famous because they are malware free and advertisement free.

They also provide the best quality HD movies on the go. So, if you don’t want to blow money on movie watching, then free streaming sites are your only option left. So here is the list of prime 31 free movie streaming sites without registration.

Top 31 Free Movie Streaming Sites Without Registration or Signup


Tired of sign-ups and want to watch a movie online free from adds? MoviesJoy is the precise free movie streaming sites you have been looking for. This website is free of ads. Just search for the film or Netflix series by merely clicking the genre, release year, and country or region. You will also find a queue of top-rated IMDB films. It gives a variety of choices to play your treasured movie.moviesjoymoviesjoymoviesjoy

You will also find various video quality options to watch your movies that include HD, CAM, etc.

Visit: MoviesJoy


StreamOnHD is an online site to watch your favorite films or shows. No registration is required. You will find a considerable amount on data on this website containing almost all TV Shows and movies arranged outstandingly on the home page.streamonhdstreamonhdstreamonhd

The menu is straightforward to browse, showing all the categories of Movies, highest rated IMDB TV Shows, genre, featured movies, popular shows, release year. This free movie streaming sites works well with VPN and adblocker extensions. The watching experience is impressive on this site, and the various streaming quality gives you have a cinematic experience.

Visit: StreamOnHd

Tubi tv

Tubi TV is counted in the best allowed free movie streaming sites on google. It has a wide variety of movies, but unfortunately, you will not find the latest movies on this website. Offering its services from 2014, seeing many genres like comedy, thriller, horror, shows, action, adventure, family movies, and many more and getting the Award Winners, a weekly watch list, cult classics on a simple one-click becomes very easy.tubiTVtubiTVtubiTV

It supports various watching channels. You cannot use an adblocker to watch content on this site. You get a few advantages on registration, like watching from where you left and making your movie playlist.

Visit: Tubi Tv


Want to watch a recently released movie? Vumoo is one of the free movie streaming sites where you should go. This site very quickly updates its cinema and shows the database. This site is flourishing on the internet for two years without any complaints. It gives you all the detailed information like time, actors, a short prologue, etc. that you need to know before watching any content. This free movie streaming sites lacks search and menu options.


You will not find many advanced options for searching or the various genre options; only a movie list and a search tab is seen. This site also contains ads, but you can use an adblocker app or extension. But, no brainer, this is the best platform for watching your treasured content, and you will find every movie here.

Visit: Vumoo


Want to watch a movie in HD quality? It would be best if you went to Soap2Day. This is one among the free movie streaming sites that has an immense amount of TV Shows and movies catalogues, all with recently released content. Using this site, you will find it is becoming your favorite website to watch the film because you can watch two simple clicks. It has all the search options, and you can manage the content in High Definition quality.soap2daysoap2daysoap2day

You can easily arrange the movies based on year, rating, new or famous, or genre. You will not find a detailed description but will have an awe-inspiring experience. It has a significant drawback that ads will be there even after you use an ad-block.

Visit: Soap2Day

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Are you a TV Shows lover? CineBloom, an one of the most used online free movie streaming sites, comes with a huge TV series list. Here you can very quickly play your favorite TV Series by just finding it, clicking on the play button, and selecting the server. For eg. if you want to see a horror movie, just search it and follow these steps. Not only TV Series but also the movies are straightforward to watch, and the best thing is there is no compulsion sign up.cinebloomcinebloomcinebloom

You can sort the movies you want using the year and genre options. Another good point is no popup or ad, and that’s why it is one of the best streaming sites of 2020.

Visit: CineBloom


FMovies is a fantastic one of the free movie streaming sites no sign up. Those who keep complaining about bogus sites, this is a true gem. You will find latest movies and can watch latest TV shows from a vast genre. This site is filled with loads of awesome flicks in its movie database. Its contents are epic and worth not missing.Free Movie Streaming Sites - FMoviesFree Movie Streaming Sites - FMoviesFMovies

The marvelous content and simple user interface make it a heavenly place to be. Initially, I had missed so much epic content by missing out this site but you will not. So, without any delay start streaming movies online for free without download and registration.

Visit: FMovies


Streamog is among the best free movie streaming sites like Stream Complet for a French movie in streaming with version VF or VOSTFR. The site is filled with the newest TV series streaming and videos. If you are a enthusiast of each of the two, you can possess the fill of your choice if you visit Streamog.to.

Whether you are in requirement of the freshest blockbuster to stream or the brand-new episode of the trending TV shows, Streamog will give you the greatest. It contributes several movie styles as well as country movies also.StreamogStreamogStreamog

If you require the top seen movies for a particular day, you can locate it there. Other segments enable you to obtain viewers’ top preference and top rated movies. These choices will help you to have access to the best movies whenever you visit this free movie streaming sites.

You even have infinite streaming access for free. So, whenever you possess a couple of hours to spend watching movies, Streamog will give you more movies streaming than you can watch for weeks on end.

Visit: Streamog.to

Yes! Movies

Like Fmovies, Yes! Movies is another gem in our list. This site is similar in feel and look as its sibling sites but does what it is meant to do. Movie streaming is great entertainment when the contents are abundant.Yes MoviesYes MoviesYes Movies

The most interesting feature of this site is the “Turn off Light,” which makes the movie watching experience more enjoyable. Moreover, the site is free of annoying ads while streaming. So, you need not worry about the flying banners and pop ups. You can find movies and latest TV shows from different regions. All we need to do is just select a stream and start play button.

Visit: Yes! Movies

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Putlocker has many outstanding features such as movie filters, rating, IMDb. Especially they have very fast streaming servers that help you can watch your favourite movies, shows without buffering.PutlockerPutlockerPutlocker

Visit: Putlocker


This is one of the coolest websites on our list. MovieNoLimit gives you all of the finest movies (old and new) as well as the TV Shows in outstanding quality that too for absolutely free. Now you can binge watch to your heart’s content here.MovieNoLimitMovieNoLimitMovieNoLimit

You can stream all the videos from your laptop, desktop or cell phone. They are also ordering outside video sharing services for most up to date gushing servers and give just working movie streaming links.

On this one of the free movie streaming sites, you can discover most well known and best evaluated motion pictures and shows, watch it online for HD quality and download the source files in best quality.

Visit: MovieNoLimit


This free movie streaming sites is part of a company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Apart from being a large storage of TV shows and Movies, the site has a good collection of anime. And if you are an Anime fan than this is heaven for you, i.e. you can stream and watch anime on the go.ViewsterViewsterViewster

If you are not comfortable using the free movie streaming sites than the company has built an application for that purpose. Which means you get to access Viewster across almost all platforms. This is a unique site worth recommending.

Visit: Viewster


This one of the free movie streaming sites initially started in 2011, PopcornFlix is now one of the popular Movie and TV Show Streaming sites. Forget about registration and any login. Just open the site and start streaming with ease. Haste free and full-length movie makes viewing more enjoyable.PopcornFlixPopcornFlixPopcornFlix

No need of any account creation or any registration for any streaming, be it any movie or any TV series. The site is also mobile friendly and is supported by many technologies.

Visit: PopcornFlix


XMovies8 is like one of those free movie streaming sites which offer you the ability to download any movies alongside downloading it. Which means this is a downloading site which has an additional feature of streaming. Not many sites offer such great and exciting features.XMoviesXMoviesXMovies

The experience of streaming increases manifolds when movies and TV shows are a click away. It has got the most updated and most active catalog which is unique. Give it a try.

Visit: XMovies8


SnagFilms is a legal free movie streaming sites and trusted platform for free movie streaming, and it remains in one of the top priorities. It is most popular among Classic Movie lovers apart from being completely free.SnagFilmsSnagFilmsSnagFilms

The site built is simple and attractive. Besides of having the website they have Apps developed for Android, iOS, and Windows. It’s a quite trustworthy site. So, if you are planning to enjoy Classic Movies and TV series for free then do check this website.

Visit: SnagFilms


Free Movie Streaming SitesFree Movie Streaming SitesWolowTube

WolowTube is the ideal Free Movie Streaming Sites for you if you want to watch the latest Hollywood super hits without wanting to shell out any cash at the theatre. Wolowtube.me has pretty good collection of movies in 720p HD.

All you have to do is make a free account before getting access to thousands of movies and shows. Wolowtube.me asks for your credit card details.

However, you won’t be charged any amount unless you decide to upgrade your free account to premium account. Why credit card details? Wolowtube.me is a Free Movie Streaming Sites that has the rights to make available the content only in certain countries, the details help the website know which country you are from.

Visit: WolowTube

C Movies HD

C Movies HD is one of the free movie streaming sites that lets you choose from thousands of movies, popular TV, and net series. It has latest episodes of Game of Thrones; Latest Hollywood hits like Dunkirk etc.CMoviesHDCMoviesHDCMoviesHD

It lets you watch the movies in 720p HD. All you have to do is build a free account. It does not have too many annoying ads which makes you want to smash the screen of your PC or mobile while watching movies or shows.

Visit: C Movies HD

Go Movies

GoMovies is another one of the free movie streaming sites where you can stream movies for free in 720 p HD. Unlike other websites that feature latest hits on their home page, Go Movies has thumbnails of Latest hits as well as classics from the 90’s for the viewers to choose from.GoMoviesGoMoviesGoMovies

Go Movies has options like “top IMDb rated movies” for the convenience of the person visiting the website. The best thing about Go Movies is you don’t even need to create an account before streaming your favorite movies.

Visit: GoMovies


VexMovies is a pretty good free movie streaming sites with simple user interface. It lets you watch movies for free. It has bifurcated movies according to the year of release and according to the quality of the movies available on the website, i.e., SD, CAM, HD, etc.VexmoviesVexmoviesVexmovies

Along with the thumbnail of the movies, in the bottom left of the thumbnail Vexmovies also has mentioned the rating of the movie. This helps the viewer in deciding if he wants to watch the movie or no.

Visit: VexMovies


CosmoTube is among the best Free Movie Streaming Sites if you are extremely fond of good quality print. This is the only free streaming website in this list which lets you watch and download movies in 1080p HD. However, contents of this website are not available in every country.CosmoTubeCosmoTubeCosmoTube

They are licensed to provide their service only to selected countries. You have to create a free account and give your credit card details which help the website in knowing which country you are from. You won’t be charged any amount unless you choose to upgrade to premium account.

Visit: CosmoTube


What makes this free movie streaming sites different from others on the list is that this website has a whole section dedicated just too famous documentaries from across the globe. If you are a documentary lover, this is the website for you. However, WatchFree is not limited to merely documentaries.WatchFreeWatchFreeWatchFree

It has a whole lot of movies and TV shows as well. You don’t need to misuse your time in creating an account first. You can directly start streaming your movies or shows. It also lets people share their views in the comment section below the movie stream.

Visit: WatchFree

Online Movies Cinema

This website on its home page has bifurcated movies by their release years. If you tour this Free Movie Streaming Sites, you will see that there are release year sections starting from 1990 to the latest the year 2018.OnlineMoviesCinemaOnlineMoviesCinemaOnlineMoviesCinema

Online movies cinema can be accessed using mobile, PC and tablets. You can directly stream movies and shows without creating an account first.

Visit: Online Movies Cinema


Cafemovie is another one of the free movie streaming sites no sign up. A unique feature of Cafemovie is that if you click the suggest me section in their home page, the website suggests some good movies to watch.CafeMoviesCafeMoviesCafeMovies

If you are too lazy to search for movies for watching all you have to do is click the suggest me button. It also has greatest movies section which consists of all the greatest movies ever made. The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Interstellar are all in Cafemovies’ list of greatest movies.

Visit: Cafemovie


We all know Yify as the website providing subtitles in various language for all the Hollywood movies. Along with subtitles, Yify also has free movie streaming no sign up.YIFYYIFYYIFY

This is a classic one of the Free Movie Streaming Sites which lets you watch movies and shows in 720p HD. Yify has bifurcated movies by year of release, genres, countries, etc. It has a search option box on top right of the home page. Search box always makes it easy for the viewer to find movies he is looking for easily.

Visit: Yify


Last but not the least to join the league is moviesfoundonline.com, a veteran among free movie streaming sites . Like other sites, it too offers a great live streaming experience, but the library is pretty less when you’ll compare with others.MovieFoundOnlineMovieFoundOnlineMovieFoundOnline

Visit: moviesfoundonline.com


It is well known for the collection of movies and tv shows but most don’t realize that in just a few years it has become one of the top visited Free Movie Streaming Sites on the web.123MoviesHub123MoviesHub123MoviesHub

With streaming for free movies in HD users have fallen in love with site. Its never been easier to watch content online with the luxury of being in your own home. Ranking as the top streaming website in the world 123movies deserves its title.

Visit: 123MoviesHub

Cartoon HD

CartoonHD is not all about cartoons but one of the free movie streaming sites. Instead, it has Movies and tv shows along with anime. From the layout based off of fixity and other significant sites, cartoonhd gives users a new look to categorize their huge library of content.Cartoon HDCartoon HDCartoon HD

Visit: Cartoon HD


It is one of the free movie streaming sites with an amazing amount of content to help you watch movies for days.AllucAllucAlluc

Best in the summer alluc updates its collection with hundreds of new titles, and unlike Netflix it never removes anything. Alluc is completely free and acts as Google for movies and tv shows.

Visit: Alluc


Couchtuner is a place best suited to watch episodes from your favorite tv shows. It is a free Movie Streaming Sites starting in the late 2000s, couchtuner has lasted over a decade and keeps growing with an abundant amount of tv series.couch tunercouch tunercouch tuner

If you love to binge watch tv shows and need a great place to watch series, then use this site.

Visit: Couchtuner


Megashare is an ancient one of the free movie streaming sites, and been in the news quite frequently. Users are in love with the fast streaming and HD quality of movies. Although the site collection is not as big as 123movies or Putlocker, it still has the best quality of content and the fastest streaming for any movie website.MegashareMegashareMegashare

Visit: Megashare


It is a fairly new Free Movie Streaming Sites that is creating a lot of buzz in the streaming world.GostreamGostreamGostream

Users feel that it has a better feel than other sites and slightly a few less intrusive ads. We hope that one-day gostreams becomes one of the top streaming websites in the world but until then try it out and let us know what you think.

Visit: Gostream 

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With lots of fake site in the market, it is very difficult for peoples to find a good website to watch movies online free and that too without registration.

Few sites like YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix etc. do offer to view movies but are very limited and time-consuming, also you have to pay for their subscription. I found the above-mentioned sites to be safe and trustworthy. Want to watch a movie later, see this link to get aware of free movie downloading sites.

Apart from that, we get to view our favorite movies free of cost and sometimes even in HD. (Not to forget Night Mode) Any new addition to the list is utmost welcome, and I also vouch that I didn’t get any sponsor from any of the above sites.

So, this was our list of “Top 31 free movie streaming sites no sign up” (or registration). Now enjoy your favorite Bollywood or Hollywood movie and also TV series without wasting your precious time and money.

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