Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online in 2020


123movies is a very popular website to watch Hindi movies online. In fact, the site is counted as one of the most used site for browsing various media files. 123movies is very well maintained and get updated timely too.

Apart from movies, the site also offers TV shows and news too. It does not lack in any way from the rest of the site mentioned here. There is a search bar for the direct search and the site also has adequate filters to refine the search for your favorite movies in favorite genres.

To watch Hindi movies online, simply click on India in the country section and you will get all the movies uploaded in this section. From the very recent ones to really old classics, you will get everything on this site.

Although the registration is optional but if you want to request a movie then you will have to become a member first. The movies are displayed very randomly so if you are not able to find any then, simply search for it in the search bar.


The Cine Bay is a popular site for downloading movies. The site also feature the facility to watch Hindi movies online too. If you would ask me then I will suggest you, watch the movie more than downloading it as it saves storage and uses same or less amount of data too.

You may not like The Cine Bay at first as it is kind of a clumsy site but after using it for quite some time you will surely like. The only issue about this site is its ads.

However, apart from different movies like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. it also have other sections too. The cine Bay also feature gallery, reviews of recent movies, TV shows and even trailers too. On the top most right side of the site, you need to select the edition to Bollywood and all the Hindi movies will be displayed to you.

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Now, you will have different options to watch Hindi movies online divided in different categories. You can select from recently uploaded, features, most watched and recently released sections and enjoy your favorite movies.


Hotstar is one of the most popular, successful and legal sites to watch Hindi movies online.

It also recently partnered up with Disney+, the latest player in the online streaming industry.

Note that not everything on Hotstar is free, most require subscription.

However, if you truly need the best, most recent and highest quality movies, and if you’re not going with Amazon Prime, Hotstar could be a potential option.

That been said, Hotstar still does offer a bunch of free movies and series.

Apart from Hindi movies, you can also watch regional (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali etc.) movies on Hotstar.

The video-player does let you control the video-quality manually.

However, it’s not mentioned based on the pixels, rather, you get to choose from low/medium or high.

In-built English subtitles are offered with most of the Hindi movies.

Being legal and a subscription-based service, everything is of the highest possible quality.

You do not need to make payments, or even register while watching the free Hindi movie on Hotstar.


As the name suggests, it’s in many senses a 123 Movies alternative for Hindi movies.

The interface is pretty professional, even though overloaded with ads.

The thumbnails are interactive. Hovering over them displays details such as genre, release-date, language, cast, runtime, quality etc.

There’s a slider which keeps displaying a list of movies you can watch.

Or, there’s a very advanced search-filter as well.

You can search directly for actors, genre, directors and find the movies that suite you best in seconds.

The movies are pretty recent as well, releases less than a week old seem to be available.

Even foreign series subbed in Hindi and Urdu are available as well.

Most movies offer multiple streaming servers, up to 3 at times.

The video player even offers quality-control. Most of the movies are 720p, however, they can be reduced to lower qualities if you wish so.

And finally, a “Most viewed movies” list at the footer displays content which you may love without having to search for it.


ZengtaTV is a professional, legal and licensed platform to watch Hindi movies online.

It does host Hollywood movies, but is primarily is dedicated around Indian content and Hindi movies.

It can also be used to to watch news from Indian channels, clips and other similar content.

The video player is pretty-basic, however, it does have a quality-control options.

These quality-options aren’t based on pixels. Rather, it offers the choice of “low/medium/high/highest” etc.

Most of the movies you find here are classics.

As in, you wouldn’t find movies which were released anywhere in the last decade.

You can also choose to watch content “by artist“. A list of artists on the right-pane is available.

Individuals can upload their own videos as well.

Fortunately, there are no hidden ads. The videos when being played do display skippable ads.

No registration or payments are required.


meWATCH is a licensed and legal site to stream Hindi movies online for free. Actually, it offers content in quite a few other languages.

There’s a “languages” tab on the top-bar. It offers me choices such as English, Korean, Tamil, Chinese etc. The platform offers both movies, as well as series. It even offers clips and other interesting content

There’s also a “Live TV” option which lets you stream which lets you stream live TV channels, for free.There are other filters you can use, e.g. sports, news, kids, etc. It can also be used to listen to certain radio channels.

It offers cast information as well as a synopsis on the video-pages. The videos are always available in their original/production quality. There’s no quality-control feature, however, the subtitles if and when available can be turned on/off.

Note that it’s mostly dedicated to classics. So, you’d not find recent releases over there. Moreover, you can’t access the platform without one of the best VPN providers. It’s not available in a number of countries due to copyright reasons. Obviously, a VPN solves that.


Spuul is a 100% legal, free hindi movie streaming site. Being legal also means it’s licensed, which further means that the available movies are of the highest possible quality (in terms of resolution).

The one downside is that you must register on Spuul to stream free movies. Registration is free and mandatory. Also, this free account certainly has limitations because Spuul does offer paid premium plans as well.

However, you totally can stream movies for free without the premium plan. However, the free plan has ads and limited amount of streaming time.

The video plays will show you a synopsis of what to expect from the movie. It also has thumnailed cast information. Almost all of the available content has built-in English subtitles. Obviously, those can be turned off as well. Unfortunately though, there’s no quality-control. So, you can’t downgrade the quality to save bandwidth if you wish to.

Spuul also is available as Android, iOS apps and can even be downloaded from Amazon. Obviously, you wouldn’t find very recent movies there. Those released in the past few years are available.


You would not even believe that even after being a US oriented site iSansar is working really well for keeping its Indian users happy. It has a huge collection of Indian movies on its site. Whether it is Tamil movies or Hindi ones, you will find each of them on this site.

The site works in a monthly updating manner. You will find separate folders of months of each year on this site. The only issue about the site is that it uploads specific movies only.

Apart from giving best options to watch Hindi movies online, you can also access Nepali and South Indian movies too on this site. The site also has a great collection of songs, Nepali TV shows, videos, posters, trailers etc. You also have a search bar so that you can find your desired movies on this site easily.

To watch a movie, simply click on it and you will get the quality options to watch the movies in. Almost all the movies are available in HD and Blu-Ray quality so that viewers can have the best experience to watch Hindi movies online.

  • MovieOnline (Not Working)


MovieOnline is a site which does not showcase Hindi movies specifically but also have other types of movies too. So, you would have to first select your region and then all the movies related to that section will be showcased in front of you.

So, if you wish to watch Hindi movies online then you would have to first select your country to India. Other countries movies offered by this site are China, France, Japan, Hollywood etc.

So, by now you must have gotten some idea that Movieonline is a vastly versatile site which features great movies in its database. There are various advantages that you get with MovieOnline. You need not to do sign up on this site and no need to pay anything too.

In fact, all the movies are given in High Quality too without any advertisements. You are surely going to love this site for its great collection of old and new movies. Although you may not find very recent movies on it but still its database is really huge.

  • Hindi Movies Onlines (Not Working)


Hindi Movies Onlines is one of the most simple yet one of the most browsed site on the internet to watch Hindi movies online. Pleasure make sure it is “Onlines” and not “online” in the URL. This simple site has no categories, no sections and just simple content on its site.

The site works just like its name and helps you to see Hindi movies online without the issue of downloading them.

The main menu is divided in just two categories which shows Home and New Releases. You just need to click on New Releases if you wish to watch recently released Hindi movies. Most of the movies uploaded on its site are in HD quality so that you can have the best experience of watching movies.

In fact, the site also features some of the Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood and other movies too which are dubbed in Hindi and in high quality too. You can separately find the list of movies in HD quality at the bottom part of the site. The site is really simple yet really effective to use.

If you are not happy with these sites, then check out the list of best movie sites like Solarmovie to watch movies online in HD quality.

Security tips before watching Hindi movies online

First and foremost tip? Don’t go for pirated, unlicensed streaming platforms. Amazon Prime costs less than INR 130.00/month. It costs less than your monthly coffee, allows 3 simultaneous screens and has the latest content, in HQ.

However, if you do use a platform you’re not sure about, just make sure you use a VPN. Why so? You never know which streaming website is legit/licensed, and which is promoting piracy, right?

Now, you won’t land in jail just for streaming movies online. However, that’s not a completely impossible situation. Using the VPN will ensure your location can’t be traced using your IP address.

Moreover, with a VPN you can also unblock “all” of Netflix content. There are a ton of other benefits that a VPN will get you.

Do note that we haven’t verified the legality of these platforms, except for Amazon Prime or a few other options. Hence, any illegal action will 100% be your own responsibility.