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  • Lake Bell

    She’s the real bell of the ball here.

  • collage of FRASIER - Kelsey Grammer WINGS - Steven Weber CHEERS - Rhea Perlman LAW & ORDER - Richard Belzer ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - Jessica Walter THE X-FILES - Gillian Anderson ALLY MCBEAL - Calista Flockhart THE PRACTICE - Dylan McDermott THE BOB NEWHART SHOW - Jack Riley SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH - Melissa Joan Hart BOY MEETS WORLD - Ben Savage FAMILY MATTERS - Jaleel White FULL HOUSE - Mark-Kate / Ashely Olsen

    Steve Urkel, Buffy Summers, Captain Picard, Fox Mulder, Ally McBeal, Frasier Crane, and many more are all connected thanks to St. Elsewhere.

  • Television has largely excluded autistic people from their own stories for years – and it’s about time we put an end to that.

  • “If ABC ever saw an episode of Boston Legal they didn’t bring it to my attention.”

  • Woman Crush Wednesday, Lake Bell

    She’s both #relationshipgoals and #friendshipgoals

  • David E. Kelley’s Trial is coming to Amazon next year, but what does his career look like in the streaming era?

  • Constance Zimmer in 'House of Cards'

    House of Cards‘ other tenacious reporter could make a lot of people happy by returning. But where else have you see Constance Zimmer?