Free Movie Streaming Sites no Sign Up 2020

Streaming online videos is becoming a way of life. Binging with families and friends is a great way to relax and engulf yourself in another world. The question isn’t if there are lots of movie streaming sites, the real question should be, “what are the safest and legal online movie streaming platforms out there?”

Reasons Looking for Best Free Movie Streaming Websites 2020

Movies are a major part of the entertainment industry. They garner millions of viewers worldwide. They bring out a series of emotion from within people. Excitement, suspense, amazement, joy and sorrow – they are all part of movies. It is a fun activity that people indulge in at leisure.

There are thousands of movie sources on the internet. Some offer better services than others, and not all of them provide legal content. Among them, the list of Best Free Movie Websites below has the best features. They let you stream or download their content for free. You get to enjoy your favorite movies on these domains.

Movie Website Credibility

As stated, there are many movie sources that provide illegal content. Such websites have no rights to show the content in their possession. They are part of the society who pirate online content. It goes against the laws of content creation and distribution.

Piracy is a dangerous game on the part of website owners and their content users. Such acts can land you in serious trouble with the cyber authorities. The offenders may even have to face jail time. You matter is not as light as some people make it. You must never stream or download illegal content.

The Credibility of Movie Websites is in the content they provide. The domain must possess the right to show the movies from their original creators. Furthermore, the movies cannot make a direct part of their monetization. They should have other means to raise money from their content, such as ad-support.

All this is what makes a movie website legal to use. You must only stream or download through a website that provides legal content.

How to Choose the Best Movie Streaming Site in 2020

To be one of the best sources, the websites have to follow a criteria list. They must have certain provisions for movie downloading and/or streaming. The Top Free Websites for Movie Streaming and Downloading for 2020 must:

· Let you Stream or Download content for Free. The service can have a permanent or free trial package.

· Possess Legal Content.

· Provide High Quality Movies.

· Contain a Variety of Movies.

· Have Fast Processing speeds.

· Be Available across a major region.

· Have support for Multiple Platforms.

· Have a Friendly User-interface.

List of Free Movie Streaming Sites no Sign Up 2020

While some sites stream illegal contents, which may be harmful to your system, there are safer ones out there. In fact, there are some legal mobile apps that are available for downloads for a smarter experience. But In today’s article, we will be sharing with you some of the safest and legal TV and Movie streaming sites.

Popcornflix – Streaming Site Link

Popcornflix Popcornflix

First on our list is the Popcornflix. This is one of the safest platforms where you can safely stream full-length movies. With Popcornflix, you have a lot of movies to choose from with new movies being added daily.

With this platform, you are not only provided with hundreds of movies, but they’ve also got lots of genres to choose from. Genres that include action, horror, drama, documentaries, romance, family, comedy, to mention a few.

You don’t need an account to watch a movie of your choice, with just a click you will watch any movie of your choice.


O f course, there are some pros to using this site, some of which include:

  • A large video player for better user experience.
  • They’ve got a movie streaming site for kids too.
  • You can make GIFs from any movie scene
  • You can also make comment on any part of a movie you’ve chosen to watch.


  • There are downsides to the platform too. Some of which include:
  • Relatively low video quality.
  • No subtitles (which can be frustrating especially when watching a ‘foreign’ movie).

Sony Crackle – Site Link

Sony Crackle Sony Crackle

Next is the Sony Crackle. This is one streaming site that will stay at the top with the big boys in the industry. It belongs to Sony Pictures Entertainment. It holds all of Sony’s original content. You have full access to it on the platform. it’s a great place to watch a movie without paying a dime. As a giant in the movie industry, this makes watching quality movies on the platform possible. The interesting part is they are all for free.

Unlike the previous movies streaming site we talked about, one of the features that stands this platform apart is the high video quality. The movies can be watched on whatever screen you are viewing them on. Problem is, they’ve also got some commercials too, even though these commercials are short just ignore the commercials and you are good to go.


  • Tons of movies to watch.
  • A good video quality (not surprising)
  • A wide array of video player features and options.
  • They also have a mobile app to give users a smart experience.


  • Just like we said earlier, they have loads of adverts that pop up while streaming videos.
  • They also have limited filter option as users aren’t able to search film by popularity.

As one of the oldest domains around, this streaming site has the advertisement support for its monetization. You come across a fair few ads while on their website. But you do not have to pay for anything. The platform is free-for-all users.You can also download their content through the Sony Crackle application. However, the download ability is unavailable on the web.

Like Internet Archive, Sony Crackle does not hold the best quality movies either. Its content is far from full HD. This reflects in both video and audio quality. Its best video formats are also MP4 and WMV.

But unlike Internet Archive, Sony Crackle has a great organization of movies. Its directory contains all of Sony’s original movies. The organization also has collaborations with other platforms. Hence, you have a large number of movies and TV shows to choose from. Some of the best movie genres are:

· Comedy.

· Animated.

· Action.

· Thriller.

· Horror.

· Sci-fi.

There are other classifications as well. It all makes movie searching easy and simple. This helps improve the user experience with the interface. You will have no trouble browsing for the Sony Crackle content.

There are issues with movie streaming availability. The platform is free and accessible in only a few regions. These are America, Australia and Canada. The organization is working to expand its services to other regions. But for the moment, it is either unavailable or not free in most parts of the world.

To download movies to your device, you need their application on:

· Google Play.

· App Store.

· Microsoft Store.

Pluto TV – Site Link

Pluto TV Pluto TV

Ever heard of a streaming site called Pluto TV? They are one of the popular video streaming sites with lots of quality movies. Quality content is important for choosing a streaming site and that’s what you get with Pluto TV. Unlike the other streaming site, Pluto TV provides users with hundreds of channels to choose from rather than the regular TV show and Movie selection. So, how does it work? pretty simple, you navigate through the list of programs they have, there is quality content such as web series, documentaries, movies (independent movies), news and so much more.

In simple terms, the site works in two different ways; it offers live TV programs which allows the user to watch movies as long as they are available, the second function is streaming of on-demand movies, allowing users to select from a number of movies that are available.


Just like the other streaming sites, they dohave their Pros too. Some of which are:

  • Gives users that TV-like experience.
  • It has lots of quality content which include news, TV shows and music.
  • With Pluto TV, users can watch their favorite movies live.
  • They also have this feature that tells users the programs that will come on later.


  • They have a few channels for movies. Over 12 of them (to be precise)
  • Users aren’t able to repeat a movie.

The Viacom platform works over the internet. But its essentials resemble those of a TV channel. You can watch your favorite movies on the website for free. Pluto TV is both free and legal. Like The Roku Channel, it has affiliations with other TV networks. The source gives you first-hand experience of movies and TV shows.The platform is available in most countries throughout the world. But all of its content is accessible only to U.S. citizens. You can use a VPN to try Pluto TV at its best.

It is yet another domain that allows only streaming. But the content quality is in full HD. The audio matches the video for high quality. Pluto TV offers movies in collaboration with over 70 TV channels. This gives it a powerful directory of movies. You have a lot of choices for the movies you want to watch.

There are also applications on:

· Google Play.

· App Store.

The Roku Channel – Streaming Site

The Roku Channel The Roku Channel

What makes a streaming site interesting apart from having quality content is being able to view them for free. For users with the Streaming player or Roku TV, you can add the channel to your smartphone for a better and smart viewing experience.

Apart from the ads which pop up while watching movies on this platform, they have high-quality movies and just like Sony; you get to watch them for free.

One might think the Roku channel offers movie streaming platform, well, they do more than that. The Roku Channel is also a Live TV channel where you view free TV Shows and ABC news.


  • Apart from free movies, they also air TV shows.
  • They offer captions too.
  • The streaming site can be viewed on your mobile devices, Computers, and TVs.
  • Watch the latest movies.
  • The movies are of high quality.
  • They have features that allow users to customize background text.


  • Can’t be viewed for people outside the United States and Canadian Region.
  • Relatively have lots of Ads.
  • They have a mobile website but no mobile app.

The Roku Channel is part of a major TV network. The channel itself requires Roku hardware. But the organization launched its own streaming platform. Through it, you can watch your favorite movies for free. The movie site contains original, legal content. It is one of the best sources to watch content first-hand. Their web service is free as well. You only have to get through advertisements while watching movies.The downside is its availability. The platform is available only in the U.S. There is no access to the web service outside of America. You need to use a VPN with an American address to watch through the domain.

The Roku Channel is only a streaming service. There is no option to download content from the platform. You get to watch movies online. For offline mode, approach other websites.

The best part about The Roku Channel is its content quality. You get the highest quality movies on the source. The minimum video quality is 720p, which is still HD resolution. There is no lack of high-quality content on the platform.

The Roku Channel also has one of the largest digital libraries. It contains movies from HBO, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, EPIX, and other sources.

Vudu – Streaming Website

Vudu Vudu

Though the movies on this platform can’t be watched without paying a token, it still doesn’t change the fact that they are one of the streaming sites out there that offers lots of quality movies to pick from. But that’s if you are able to keep up with the Ads that will keep popping up while watching a movie (though these are just a few commercials).

What makes Vudu a great streaming site? Unlike most other sites that offer free movies with a lossless quality video player options, the Vudu Streaming site offers free movies with some being 1080p. So, you are getting a quality movie at no cost – interesting right?

That’s not all, to find the latest free movies that have been added to the collection, go to the “New Page”. On the New Page, you will find the latest free movies that have been added to the video playlist. Next, to the New Page, you will find the genre section which just as the name implies provides you with the option to select movies based on their genres. Users have genres such as comedy, romance, action, crime and suspense, family and kids, crime and suspense.

You might get the buy or rent it promptly. Not to worry, as long as the movie selected is from the Free Page, just make use of the Free button that will appear on the screen.


  • They’ve got tons of quality movies to pick from.
  • Users can also sort and filter movies in different ways.
  • Love the movie? You can buy or rent it.


  • There are lots of Ads to deal with.
  • It is not a free streaming site (not every movie and everything else can be watched for free).

Retrovision – Site Link

Retrovision Retrovision

From comedy, drama, adventure, actions, film noir movies, the Western, war to science fiction movies. There is one for everyone. Retrovision provides users with tons of free movies. If you are into the classic movies, there are tons of movies for you too. They are listed orderly. Just follow the alphabetical pattern to find the movie of your choice.


  • Retrovision offers tons of classic movies.
  • The site has a one – page section with the list of every movie available for streaming.


  • There is no app for iOS users.
  • They don’t have new movies.
  • The movies are of low quality.
  • Movies splitting into several parts.

This great streaming source focuses on movies from the past, rather than recent ones. You can get access to some of the best classics through the website. You get to watch movies while avoiding trouble with the law. The platform is also for free. You can stream and download movies through Retrovision. The source is great for both online and offline viewing. There is no extra requirement to download content. But you cannot download movies in bulk. Each movie has an individual download process. To do so, play the movie first. Afterwards, use the “Download” option with the video to watch offline.

The Retrovision content quality is not the best. In fact, most of its movies are below par on quality. It is the case for both video and audio. The reason for it is that most of their content is from olden days. There was no HD support back then. Hence, the videos come in low quality.

Retrovision houses a variety of movies and TV shows. Their focus is to provide content from back in the day. It is not the place to look for recent movies. Still, it has some of the best content for movie lovers. Their classification lists are for:

· All Content.

· Adventure.

· Comedy.

· Classic TV.

· Cartoons.

· Crime.

· Drama.

· Horror.

· Sci-fi.

· Westerns.

· War.

The Retrovision website has a quick processing speed. The platform is also easy to browse through. It is easy to find the content you are looking for on the website. Retrovision is a user-friendly domain.

There are no availability issues with the source either. The website is accessible in most regions of the world.

The site best process on Google Chrome. You can also download their mobile application. It is available on Google Play, by the name of Classic UHF.

YouTube – Streaming Site

YouTube YouTube

This list won’t be complete without the mention of one of the (if not the most) popular video streaming site right now. Gone are the days when YouTube only had channels where you can only watch funny and interesting short videos. Now, you can rent movies and watch some for free on YouTube. What makes YouTube versatile is the users’ ability to create a channel and provide other users with quality content and make money off it.


  • Viewers rate the movies.
  • You can also leave a comment in the comment section that users/viewers are provided with.


  • Free movies aren’t common on the site.
  • Some Movies are usually taken down with no form of notification.

YouTube is the largest video content holder in the world. You can stream all sorts of videos on the platform. The American platform is available in all parts of the world. It also holds full-length movies for legal streaming.

YouTube is a free movie site for all to use. Anyone can upload content to it. The platform moderators keep a check on the content on the website. The videos must be in accordance with the Regulations set by YouTube. It also keeps checks on copyrighted content for legality.

The platform also holds movies on various channels. There is no direct link to download movies. But a number of legal websites process YouTube videos for downloading. Regardless, you can stream any movie available on the platform.

You have access to high quality HD movies on there. The best video format to go is MP4. It also has support for other video extensions. These include FLV, WMV, SWF, etc.

There is no one channel to find all movies on. You have to search for movies by channels or genres. Some search examples are:

· Action Movies.

· Full Length Free Movies.

· Documentaries.

· Mix Genre Full Movies.

· Vevo Movies Playlist.

There are many other movies on YouTube. The movies you find depend on your search capabilities. Type something like “Animated Movies” in the search to find full-length animated movies. The platform holds movies on all sorts of genres.

YouTube has a quick and vast search engine. It is a simple process to search for videos on the website. The availability of content is down to the uploader. A channel can ban access to their videos for regions. If there is a movie inaccessible in your region, you can use a VPN to watch it.

This movie site is available across various platforms. The Title link takes you to the Web version of the platform. You can also download their application on:

· Google Play.

· App Store.

· Microsoft Store.

Internet Archive – Site Link


Internet Archive is a massive digital library. The non-profit platform holds all sorts of digital content. it is another American domain. You can also find all your favorite movies on the website.

Internet Archive is a non-profit organization. This means they do not charge viewers on their content. You have access to everything on the website for free. They legalize the content as well. You can find movies and TV shows on the website.

The platform allows you to stream and download content off it. You get to watch content both online and offline. It is one of the best places to download full-length movies.

The movies on Internet Archive are lower than HD quality. Both the audio and video are not as crisp as viewers prefer. The best video format supports are for MP4 and WMV extensions.

There are a lot of old and new movies on Internet Archive. You have several genres to choose from. The domain holds movies for:

· Sci-fi.

· Documentary.

· Drama.

· Comedy.

· Horror.

· Animated Movies.

to name a few.

Movies has its own section on Internet Archive. But there is not much of any sorting for them. Regardless, you can stream and download any movie you want.

The Internet Archive website is accessible in most countries across the world. It also has a quick search engine, and a vast directory of videos. Their disorganization of movies can make it hard to look up movies. But the video streaming is excellent, and it is easy to download their content.

You can use the Title link to access Internet Archive on the Web. Or Download their application on:

· Google Play.

· App Store (Unofficial application).

Yidio – Site Link

Yidio Yidio

Yidio is more of a site that shows you where to watch movies. A perfect example of such category is one that direct users to where free movies can be seen.

With Yidio, users/viewers can easily sort through free but quality movies by rating. Available movie genres include Tv series, Western, Special Interest, Classics, Animation, Indie, and Suspense.


  • With Yidia, users can find free movies online.
  • The site has Rotten Tomatoes scores.
  • Users are allowed to sort movies by recently added and popularity.Users can filter movies by their rating (MPAA rating) and genre.


  • Most of the movies are of low quality.
  • The site usually acts as a referring site.
  • Ironically, not all the free movies found on the sites are free movies.
  • There are lots of commercials.

These are just some popular video streaming sites users can visit without the fear of having their systems bugged or infected with a malicious virus. Binging doesn’t have to go South. Stay safe!

Hotstar – Streaming Website Link


Hotstar is an Indian entertainment network. It holds media files of all sorts. The platform even has livestream services. But the more important fact is that you have access to movies on the source.

The streaming site contains legal content for your entertainment. They have an entire network of channels. Everything they host is available on their website and applications. You get free movies on demand.

Hotstar may be available all over the world. But it is free only for the Indian community. Users from other regions have to pay to access their content. For Indians, the network supports itself through advertisements. Furthermore, they can stream as well as download movies off the platform. The source allows for both online and offline viewing.

The platform also has amazing content quality. You get access to movies in full HD. This applies to Hindi and other content on there. There is support for numerous video formats as well. The extensions include MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc.

The site provides a variety of content. its greatest directory is of Indian movies and dramas. But there are a number of Western movies to choose from. On their website, you can see what is popular for:

· Movies.

· Romance Movies and Dramas.

· Dramas.

· Action.

· Thriller.

· Comedy.

· Family.

and many other classifications.

The Hotstar network is fast as well. It has a rapid response to searches and has quick loading times. The videos also have smooth buffering. The overall user experience is more than good. The platform is one of the best in the entertainment industry.

You can check out the Web version of Hotstar using the Title link. They also have mobile applications, available on:

· Google Play.

· App Store.

Public Domain Torrents – Site Link

Public Domain TorrentsPublic Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is another source for movies. The website provides access to a long list of full-length movies. It is a great source to download movies.

Most Torrent sites provide links to illegal content. But Public Domain Torrents holds legal files. Their content is eitherfree of copyrights, or bought from the source. They provide you the content for free.

There is not much to stream through the platform. Most of their content is accessible through torrent files. This means you have to download movies to your device before you can watch them. The primary function of the website is to provide legal and verified torrent files. It serves best for offline viewing.

The Public Domain Torrents movies are inconsistent for quality. The video and audio quality vary from movie to movie. There are movies that go up to full HD, while others are of low quality. But the movies are available in different formats, including MP4 and AVI.

Public Domain Torrents has a huge directory of movies. The website has sections for different genres. There are other classifications as well for ease of search. The content also gets periodic updates. On the website, you can find lists for:

· Top Twenty Seeded.

· Newest Twenty Added.

· Action/Adventure.

· Animation.

· Comedy.

· Drama.

· Horror.

· Mystery/Suspense.

· Sci-fi/Fantasy.

among other genres.

The Public Domain Torrents interface is plain. But this is beneficial to the website processing speed. It also means you can make quick searches for movies. The simplicity of the platform is an advantage more than a deterrence.

As stated, the platform provides torrent files. Download movies through these files to watch them. Torrent files have their own download method. To do so, you require:

· A fast and stable internet connection.

· The torrent file relative to your download.

· A torrent client to act as the download server. Public Domain Torrents suggest BitTorrent as its torrent client.

You can input your torrent file to the torrent client. The client completes the download process for you. Afterwards, you get to enjoy the movie offline.

Public Domain Torrents is available everywhere. It is useable even in countries with strict laws against torrenting. The platform is legal for use.

Use the Title link to get to the Public Domain Torrents website. The source is not for mobile devices. You can process torrent downloads only on desktop computers. Hence, there is no mobile application for the platform.

Comparison Table of Best Free Movie Sites in 2020

Below is the comparison table of some of the movie sites we mentioned above. Not all of them are there. But enough to give you the general idea:

Movie Site




Available Domains

Best Feature





Web, Android, iOS, Microsoft


Internet Archive




Web, Android, iOS

Content Variety

Sony Crackle



America, Australia

Web, Android, iOS, Microsoft

Content Organization




More Content in India

Web, Android, iOS

Hindi Movies

Public Domain Torrents




Desktop Computers

Verified Downloads





Web, Android

Classic Movies

The Roku Channel





Content Variety

Pluto TV



More Content in America

Web, Android, iOS

Content Variety

Free Movie Website Availability and VPNs

You find that certain domains are inaccessible in your region. It is because website owners make their provisions specific to regions. This limits the options for you to stream or download movies. It is normal for someone to take a liking to a domain. You may want to access all your favorite content through a single website. But there are chances their services are unavailable in your country.

There are ways around such issues. You do not have to give up on a website for such a reason. There are methods to access such websites regardless of where you are.

One of those methods is the use of a Virtual Private Network or VPN. They are virtual domains for your internet connection. You get a temporary IP from another region to access content. It is a simple way of using a website that you could not access through a normal connection.

But there are qualifications for a good VPN for movie streaming and downloading. The VPN has to have certain features for the purpose. Choose a VPN that:

· Is free to use. The paid VPNs are unnecessary for watching movies.

· Provides several regions to connect to. It is ideal if the VPN lets you connect to between North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

· Maintains a stable server connection. You will experience issues if the VPN connection cuts off.

· Hides your primary IP. This is an important part of VPN connections. You are detectable on the internet through your system IP. Cyber authorities may track you to your address through the IP. The VPN has to mask this IP at all times.

· Does not limit connection speeds. You require a VPN that enables fast downloads and smooth streaming.

ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN are services that follow these pointers. There are other decent options as well.

Conclusion on Watching Movie Sites No Sign Up in 2020

Watching movies is a common pastime all over the world. Movies are part of a big, blooming entertainment industry. They bring communities together through a depiction of culture, and the arousal of many emotions.

There are ways to watch movies online and offline. The Best Free Movie Websites, 2020 (Legal Domains) are the top choices among the masses. You can choose one or more of them to access your favorite movies.