From Netflix to Hulu to Disney+, the best streaming sites

Child’s Play (6/12), Crawl (6/18), Dirty Dancing (6/1), How To Train Your Dragon (6/1), Knives Out (6/12), Spy Kids (6/30), Where The Wild Things Are (6/30), The L Word: Generation Q: Season 1 (6/1). See all here.
A lot of people have Amazon Prime for the free delivery and other benefits, but many likely just forget they can use their subscription for movies and TV shows.
The selection is extensive, including critical darlings like the Oscar-winning Moonlight and Amazon Studios’ own Manchester by the Sea, as well as a massive library of foreign films. And they’re downloadable.
Cons: No streaming site seems to have fully figured out a viable browsing function. The minute you click “see more” you end up on Amazon proper and primed for the type of analysis paralysis that can strike while online shopping. Also, free and paid titles are mixed together so you may end up wanting to watch something you weren’t ready to pay for. That said, it’s often only $4, so you can do it.