Legal Streaming with Internet Providers in Ontario

Toronto Internet Providers Talk How to Legally Watch Your Favourite Shows and Movies Online

Internet providers in Ontario don’t want to see anyone getting in trouble for downloading copyrighted material. Especially not when there are plenty of ways to watch movies and TV shows online legally, such as:

Netflix and Other Streaming Services

Everyone and their mother knows about Netflix, due to its huge surge in popularity and the competition it poses mainstream cable. Internet providers in Ontario understand that watching movies online is appealing for a number of reasons (it’s cheaper than the theatre, and more comfortable too!), and Netflix has a great selection. But it’s not the only place to go: there are several other web-based streaming apps to choose from, such as Shomi and Crave. Since different services carry different content, you can subscribe to more than one to get a wider selection. You can also stream this content through a video game console or Smart TV—your computer is not the only option! The best part about these apps is that they purchase the licensing and distribution rights to the content that they carry, making them a 100% legal (and very affordable) way to instantly stream your favourite shows and movies with the help of your Toronto internet providers.

Browser-Based Cable Streaming

Traditional cable providers have been working alongside Ontario internet providers to provide content online—very useful in case you missed it when it aired originally. Some networks, such as CTV and Global, will have the latest episodes available for streaming directly in your browser. Some channels will even provide entire series on their site, allowing you to watch classic TV series from the beginning. Since they own the content to begin with, streaming from their websites is completely legal. Just simply visit the website of the Canadian network that broadcasts your favourite show, and look in their streaming section.

The VPN Issue

There is certain content that, for reasons related to licensing and distribution agreements, is not available through streaming services in Canada. Some users have found a way to sneak around the issue, but local internet providers and copyright holders alike frown on it. While using a VPN (virtual private network) to access content through another country’s streaming libraries sounds like a good idea on paper, it is actually a copyright violation and murky legal territory at best, with many streaming services setting their eyes on how to crack down on it for good. However, not to despair! There’s a wealth of content available through services such as iTunes or Google Play that is not on other streaming services. Some of this content can be rented—think Blockbuster, but without having to go outside—while other content can often be purchased at a reduced cost, with sales happening frequently.
However you choose to view your favourite shows or movies through internet providers in Ontario, remember, there is always a legal way.