Live Streaming Korean TV

Live Streaming Korean TV Service with Automatic 1-week recordings of all channels.

iKorTV is the Best Korean TV Streaming Service available in 2020, with 45 High Quality Live Streaming Channels.

Excellent Customer Service and reliable server connection to guarantee uninterrupted Live Streaming TV from Korea. If you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to help and answer all your questions.

Compatible with the following devices:

Korean TV can be streamed from your Android Box, Phone, Computer, or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

All orders are processed through our SSL secure online merchant Japan Net TV. When selecting a product, click the buttons shown to see latest pricing and to proceed to check-out.

Try our 3-day test for just $2 to make sure you are happy with our Korean TV services. We have 1-month and 1-year subscriptions available if you are happy with the test.

Available in all countries EXCEPT in Korea

Live streaming Korean TV is a great way to keep up to the latest trends in Korea, and to learn the Korean language for the whole family!

iKorTV Demo on iPad

iKorTV (45 Channels)

All orders are processed thorough our online secure merchant Japan Net TV

$2.00 USD  iKorTV (45ch) – 3 Day Test Subscription

$20.00 USD  iKorTV (45ch) – 1 Month Subscription

$135.00 USD  iKorTV (45ch) – 1 Year Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my activation code for iKorTV?

JapanNetTV will immediately send you an Activation Code after completing your payment. The activation code will be shown on your purchase receipt and will also be emailed to you. The activation code is required to register your product to your streaming software.

How do I install iKorTV onto my Android Device?

Download the iKorTV APK file here and install the software onto your Android device. Follow the Android device instruction video to activate or renew your product.

How do I install iKorTV onto my iPhone or iPad?

Install the KoPlayer app downloadable from this link or search KoPlayer in the App Store. Follow the iOS device instruction video to activate or renew your product. In KoPlayer, set the online video URL to tv://

Click on Settings

Click on Registration if you are a new user. If you are a returning user click on Login

Enter your email address and create a password (Do not use special characters in password)

On the menu scree click on Authorization

Enter the authorization number provided by JapanNetTV after the purchase of iKorTV

Click on Submit

How do I install iKorTV onto my Mac?

Download the iKorTV DMG file here and install the software onto your Mac.

How do I install iKorTV onto my Windows PC?

Download the iKorTV Windows EXE file here and install the software onto your Windows PC.

iKorTV Review

  • JapanNetTV sent the product activation code immediately after purchase
  • App was easy to install. Watching the instruction videos helps
  • All channels did stream live from Korea
  • Excellent customer service. App technician always responds within a day (submit a ticket here for any questions)
  • Video streaming quality is excellent and smooth
  • All channels are automatically recorded for 7 days. All recordings past 7 days were overwritten.
  • Recorded shows can be fast-forwarded and re-winded
  • Switching between channels took approximately 2 seconds