Move over Netflix: A guide to new streaming services in

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The recent arrival of CBS’s $5.99 per month streaming service in Canada gives cord-cutters a way to watch shows like Survivor, SEAL Team, The Good Fight, the eight different varieties of NCIS and many more.

Unfortunately, the one CBS show some of us would pay $5.99 to see – Star Trek: Discovery – isn’t available on CBS All Access Canada, because the rights are exclusive to CTV. Most illogical, captain.

CTV Movies / CTV Vault (coming fall 2018)

Speaking of CTV, the Bell Media-owned network is in the process of creating a digital “super-hub” that will be home to all its on-demand streaming content. This will include two new streaming video offerings, CTV Movies and CTV Vault, featuring Sony Pictures films and older shows like Community and Rescue Me.

It sounds like much of the content on the so-called super-hub will be for “authenticated subscribers,” which is network-speak for “people still paying for cable and not dirty cord-cutter scum” (although CTV says CTV Movies and CTV Vault will be ad-supported and free to consumers.) Bell also offers the quite good CraveTV service for $7.99 per month, which includes fare like The Handmaid’s Tale, older seasons of HBO shows and – yay! – Star Trek: Discovery.

Citytv NOW / FX NOW (coming September 2018)

Like CTV, Rogers-owned Citytv is launching its own on-demand streaming service called Citytv NOW, with current episodes and all previous seasons of its programming lineup. A similar service carrying the FX Canada slate of shows, called FX NOW, will have American Horror Story, Atlanta, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and more.