[Official] List of Legal Streaming Websites

Nice list.  But It should be mentioned that  what’s available to you on Viki, Netflix and dramafever will depend where you are. Correct me if I’m wrong, There is also stuff you can watch for free  on Viki, and Dramafever. But you will be subjected to ads.

Viki also has stuff from the Philippines. Well I watched Darna from there years ago. But maybe it’s changed now.

There is also mediacorp from singapore. 

this is a list of all mediacorp websites.


the best one to go to is probably toggle


free and premium options.

if you hit the video menu, it  will being up a number of submenus. Among those are MOVIES> DRAMA> TOGGLE ORIGINALS>SHORTS, and others.

Any of the movies I tried were unavailable to me. (i live in ireland)

I know at least some of the toggle originals are. 

If you hit the drama section. You will get

 English Drama. ie the actors speak english. No it’s not dubbed. Any ones I tried I could watch.

chinese drama. Any i tried were not available to me.

Malay Drama. Some available. click on the gear thing beside the musical note thing for english subs. I don’t know if english subs are available for everything.

tamil drama.

None of the dramas I tried were available to me.

hmm.  I don’t know if this a legal channel or not.

some youtube channels

Chinese drama. (not sure if legal or not)


Seems to be legal.