Sling TV Review: Prices, Channels, Devices & More

Sling TV video quality

Most of Sling TV’s channels come in the DVD-quality 720p. It’s not terrible, but if you’ve been spoiled with 1080 HD (more or less standard these days) or 4K Ultra HD, you’ll notice the difference.

Like many streaming services, Sling TV changes its video quality to match your internet download speeds. It has a few recommended minimums:

  • 3 Mbps for on-the-go watching
  • 5 Mbps for a single stream on TV, PC, or Mac
  • 25 Mbps for households with multiple internet-using devices

Even if you have a 25 Mbps internet plan, keep in mind that your internet speeds might still slow during peak usage times—like in the evenings, when your neighbors are all streaming too.

Also, download speeds usually drop when you’re using Wi-Fi. This writer had to break out a good old-fashioned Ethernet cord to stream without buffering pauses.

American Pickers on Sling TV at a download speed of about 60 Mbps.

Sling TV interface

The front page of Sling TV makes it easy to find what’s playing on your favorite channels, see the new recordings on your DVR, and pick up with your last show. If you scroll down, you’ll get a bunch of recommendations too, which is nice when you’re in the mood for something fresh.

The On Now tab seems unnecessary since there’s already a Guide tab that shows all the live-playing shows. However, On Now helpfully breaks down these shows by genre.

Can you imagine how incredible it would be to have that for on-demand shows? (This is the part where we look pointedly into the camera like we’re on The Office.)

On to the next tab, the Guide’s Grid and Channel breakdowns are each a little different from each other.

Grid is the usual TV-guide style with what’s playing now and what’s next. You can even filter it by genre to scan your current interests.

And the Channel breakdown is where you can find both live and on-demand shows by channel. Genre filtering is alive and well here, too.

Unlike the on-demand content, sports are super easy to sort through on Sling TV. Under the Sports tab, you’ll find live games organized by sport. There’s even a Talks & Analysis section with shows like SportsCenter and Highly Questionable.

Finally, Rentals offers a bunch of the latest movies and some great classics as well.

Overall, the interface takes some getting used to. It’s easy to navigate on a compute but a little over-involved for our remote-using tastes.

Sling TV is easy to navigate on a computer.