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Get Started By Selecting A Guide: has been re-worked from the ground up to improve load times and ease the development work for future renditions of the site. Unfortunately existing users will have to head over to the Preferences page to reset My Favorites. Favorites are now contained within a single menu regardless of the number of packages or combination of subscriptions you have.

To the many people who have been sending feedback, thanks! The site is under active development and your input is greatly valued. Please send any recommendations, bug fixes, or suggestions to [email protected] and we will certainly see what we can work in for you.

Recent Changes

  • Youtube trailers added to movie listings
  • Improved URLs for Guide Pages
  • Website Back-end completely re-done for speed and ease-of future updates
  • Guides updated every 5 hours
  • New WordPress Blog for website changes and news related to all listed streaming services
  • UI changes for iPad and mobile users to make menus more easily expandable

Upcoming Changes

  • Users are reporting issues with the Forward/Back buttons when outside PST — working on a fix
  • Ensuring lineups match advertised lineup availability from all providers
  • Fixing up missing channel icons
  • Your Request Here!