The Best Major Streaming Services

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The Best Major Streaming Services

So, now that you’ve picked your streaming device, it’s time to pick a streaming service (or services). Below are some of the biggest.  

Amazon Prime Video

The most significant competitor to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video has a bunch of originals along with enough movies and TV to match Netflix. You can buy Amazon Prime Video as a stand-alone service or as part of a larger Amazon Prime package, which includes a bunch of perks like next-day delivery of Amazon packages, music streaming, and more. 


Coming in late 2019, Disney+ will be Disney’s entry into the streaming wars. With films and TV from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more, expect a lot of blockbusters and exclusive content. For example, Captain Marvel will only be available on Disney+ after it’s done in theatres. They’re planning on having 7,000 episodes of television shows and 500 movies at launch, and they will be creating some content just for the service. Example, The Mandalorian will be a live-action Star Wars television show. The overall theme will be family-friendly.  


Home to a lot of HBO content in Canada, CraveTV also has plenty of documentaries, kids shows, and new-ish movies. Although their best offering is clearly Canadian classic Letterkenny. Figure it out, bud. 

Rogers NHL Live / TSN Direct / Sportsnet Now / MLB.TV

Sports can be one of the biggest points of friction for would-be cord cutters. However, there are lots of sports streaming services to choose from, many offering much more content than you’d get on your regular network TV sports channel. There’s Rogers NHL LiveTSN DirectSportsnet Now, and MLB.TV, along with smaller services for other leagues. Protip: an NHL package makes for a great Father’s Day gift if you have a fussy grandfather who always says he doesn’t want anything. 

CBC Gem 

CBC Gem is the CBC’s in-house streaming service. Anything you can get on the CBC’s 14 channels, you can get on Gem. Kids shows, original TV series, sketch comedy, documentaries, news—it’s all here. The basic package is free and pretty substantial and the premium, ad-free service is just five bucks a month. 


Hulu is the third most popular streaming service in the world, behind Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But Canadians have been missing out. Now that Disney has bought Fox, they’re planning on bringing Hulu north of the border sometime in late 2019 or early 2020. They have a number of original series like The Handmaid’s Tale, kids programming like Teen Titans Go!, and some live sports content.  

CBS All Access Canada  

If you’re a big fan of CBS shows and don’t care for commercials, then CBS All Access Canada is for you. NCISElementaryCrazy Ex-Girlfriend, and 60 Minutesare all here, along with some of their own original series. Although not Star Trek: Discovery, for some reason. 


Everyone knows about Netflix, but we’d be remiss not to list them in this post. Biggest streaming site in the world, huge content library, plenty of original movies and series (and some of them are a bit underrated). 

The Bottom Line  

Nearly a third of Canadian households don’t have a traditional cable package anymore. With cord cutting becoming more and more popular, maybe it’s time to pick one or two streaming services and ditch cable forever. If you’d like to know more about how to cut the cord in Canada, check out our definitive guide