Promo & Offers: December 2020

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Sling TV offers a revolutionary way of watching TV in the modern age! The app-based service was launched just 4 years ago and has taken the TV world by storm; its unique model lets you watch the shows you want, completely on your terms and at an insanely good price. With Sling you can watch everything from sitcoms to live sport across all your mobile devices as well as your family flatscreen!

What you need to know about Sling

How do I use my promo?

If you’re ready to learn how to stream and save, listen up – is the site you need and you just have to copy across the code you want from our site into the designated box. Click on Redeem Code to activate your discount and then click through when the code accepted message pops up.

Can I watch Sling TV on more than one device at a time?

Yup! Let your whole family join in on the fun of Sling TV by subscribing to the Sling Blue service which will let you watch Sling on up to 3 screens at a time. You can even watch on up to 4 devices if you combine Sling Blue + Sling Orange.

How do I activate Parental Controls on Sling TV?

Sling TV allows you to fully limit the content your kids watch based on ratings or just prevent purchases being made on your account without entering your PIN first. The way to create your unique PIN is to visit your settings page on the Sling website and then selecting Parental Controls. Click on the Enable icon to create your PIN – now follow the instructions as listed on the Sling TV website to find out how to complete setting controls.

Where can I watch Sling TV?

No matter what platform or console you own, you’ll be able to watch Sling TV really easily! Everything from Apple TV and Xbox to Google Chrome Browser can be used to watch Sling TV – have a look at the full list online.

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